2009 – May

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
May 19, 2009

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Jim, Ron, Chris, Mike, Rosebud


FINANCIAL REPORT – $16,102.08 beginning balance – final balance $14,382.99

1)   Review of Financials
a) Business Cards – Ordered and received. One has to be redone. 250 each
b) Merchandise – Received update from Rosebud.
c) USARM License Plate – Rosebud found the registration for the old trailer. He will send Jim the ID number for the trailer. We will check to see if we can get a replacement. Jim to make a copy of trailer registration for Sears Point and send to Rosebud.
d) Board Name tags – Name with USARM DIRECTOR
e) Equipment check for POC – given to Ted who will get it to Rosebud to deposit.
f) Rosebud to send some business cards to all and bring the rest to Moto-GP


1)    How to get the minutes out quicker – Recommendation – Jan to send out minutes within 48 hours and replies to approve or change back to Jan within 1 week. That will allow time to make the changes and send to Mickey. – MSP to try this out..

I.) Reply all with comments or approved. Ken will get his copy of the minutes from Ted.


1)    Training Manual – Made good progress. Mickey has Flagging list up on the website. Adding the double standing yellow to the flags.
2)    Training Format for Moto-GP and regular events. Need to differentiate the Moto-GP from the AMA flags.
3)    Jan will contact Doug Smith on training at Moto-GP
4)    Jan to resend the motorcycle info to the directors.
5)    Use PowerPoint with notes for the training manual
6)    Jan to send PowerPoint to all Directors
7)    Ron and Chris to assemble training manual for Moto-GP


1)    Social – BBQ Update – total cost $4694.47 includes everything originally agreed to. 5-9 pm in worker camping
2)    Membership Meeting – We will hold it at Turn 11 in the grandstands before dinner. Announce the meeting in the upcoming Grid
3)    Raffle – Get goodies. Put notice in the next Grid about the Raffle. Chris will send pics to Mickey to add to the Grid of Earnhardt special raffle item. Board to seek donations and goodies. Chris to make up Silent Auction slips for our special item
4)    Status of Contract – waiting for the final signoff – it’s coming
5)    Medical Staff Update from Jan – Dr. Rossi is now the CMO
6)    Kathy and Shelane to be Camp Directors and be paid
7)    Park allows dogs – others should be able to bring their dogs – We may lose some people since they don’t have dog sitters. Some people have already stated they cannot come if they cannot bring their dog that weekend. Jan to discuss further.
8)    Jim Hileman to coordinate wrist bands with Shelane for Worker Camping and BBQ

Corporation Status

1)    By-laws – Meeting last night. Jan working on the updates recommended by Angele and will send to board and Angele once completed. Corporation is now active again, Resale Certificate coming

Trailer Status

1)    Laguna Seca – Tires not changed yet but all the weight is off it so they can be removed and valves replaced. Jan to check with Jim about the tires

Inventory Status

1)    Completed inventory at both tracks


1)    Timeframe – Do you want another year added to current board under new Corporation? We will ask members to vote on this.
2)    Voting on By-Laws – Discuss at Membership meeting


1)    Reviewed nominees including input from members which was very much appreciated. Award winners have been finalized and the awards will be passed out at the Moto-GP. Plaques will be ordered through our Gilroy resource. Award winners not present at the Moto-GP will be given the award at their next event following the Moto-GP.

Round Table

1)    Russell Contract changes. Jim to discuss with Russell about how we are a named insured on their contract. Jan to script a letter to Russell with a response to Jim’s email.
2)    Discussion on a few more items to be added to either the By-laws, policy or procedures manuals. Jan to ensure a Zero tolerance stance is clearly stated.

Next Meeting – June 16th

Meeting ended at 10:10 PM Pacific.