2010 – June

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2010

Attendees: Ron,Ken, Jan, Chris, Rosebud
Absent - Jim
Guest – Ted

Financial Report - Rosebud will send us the financials.
1. Motion to buy tables for USARM to use – MSP (Moved, Seconded, Passed)
2. Inventory – This weekend
     a.) Bottles to be refilled – They will put them in the small trailer
     b.) Flags – we have enough yellow flags for the double yellows for AMA.
3. Camping – for some reason Ted and Mickey are getting the emails but not me. Unsure why. Mickey will help capture info.
4. Friday Inspection – 8 am start so let TMs do their meetings on the corner.
5. Registration in Worker Camping on Thursday is ok with Ginger.
6. 13 Cancellations
7. BBQ all set – significantly reduced price as compared to last year with new vendor.

Jan to call Jim Short about Training sessions.

General Membership Meeting – Friday Night at MotoGP – Voting on By-Laws to be completed at this meeting.

NMPs – 5-6 went to Medical – 12-15 NMPs all set for us.

Awards – New Corporation – New Year – Worker of the Weekend Awards will be ordered for all our events. Two special awards to be handed out at Moto-GP

Jan – Angele’s Number to Chris Vlastelica

Next Meeting – General Membership meeting at the Moto-GP