2010 – March

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2010

Attendees: Jan, Ken, Ron, Chris, Jim
Absent: Rosebud – Working, Mike
Guest – Ted

Called to order – 7:07pm

Financial Report
Turn Boxes at Laguna – Ron to check with Bo.  We are ready to present the check to Laguna for the covers for the turn box covers.  The format Laguna originally set up is different but it will provide covers for some of the corner boxes.  Other clubs are also participating in the turn box covers and everything should be done by the Moto-GP.
Russell School – Final report from Jim.
PCA – Las Vegas – Ron provided update.  Ron is working on a list of workers.
1. Pics from 2008 – Finally!   Jan received a package from the photographer from 2008 who send us the pics he took.  She will get them to Mickey.
2. Camping – Jan – Checking on personnel for Camp monitors – Ted will send email and phone numbers to the contact.
3. Ted and Rosebud will do another inventory shortly
4. We will get more tubs and we can put the extra stuff in there.
NASA – Jim to talk to Dan Radowicz.  Jim is going to talk to Jerry this weekend.
24 Hours Lemons – Jim talked to Dan and he’s interested in working with us.
Updates from Jim – Jan to look over the tests and provide feedback.  Ted already reviewed and provided feedback.  We did split the tests into a car test and a motorcycle test.  Hand signals sheet to be added.
1. Reviewing ongoing contract with Angele – Looking at quarterly meetings
2. By-Laws Update from Jan - completed
3. Trade-Mark Update – Completed
4. Corporate Meetings – Update from Jan – Ron will get with Angele
5. Angele did our filing for last year tax and our Corporate year tax.
Website and GRID
1. Need to send Mickey schedules for our clients.
2. Need to get a GRID out ASAP – Mickey is ready.
Roundtable - None

Meeting Ended 8:17pm

Next Meeting – April 20th