2010 – May

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2010

Attendees: Ken, Jan, Chris, Rosebud, Jim
Absent - Ron, Mike
Guest – Ted

Financial Report - Rosebud. Balance at END of March $13,692.48. Balance today $13,842.32
1. All invoices paid up to date. All deposits made
2. Equipment Trailer moved from Sears Point to Laguna Seca
3. $3,000 paid to Laguna Seca for the turn box covers - Turns 1, 7 and 9
4. Audit and bookkeeping costs have been paid
Second PO box paid for another year
Chris to verify the audit detail with Angele and will report back to the Board.
1. Headcount - We are full and we have an extensive waiting list.
2. Lunch crew is set already.
3. Ted will schedule work crew for the inventory.
4. Training discussion
5. Jan to send note to Mickey regarding Bellina kitchen. Bellina Family has provided meals for many years. This year Kathy is having knee surgery and will not be able to do all the cooking. Need to advise Moto-GP folks.
1. Personnel issue discussed - MSP
2. 2nd motion for resolution - MSP

Round Table
Jim Short saw the Baucoms at the AMA at Sears Point. They said Hi to all their USARM Family.

Next Meeting - June 15th