2011 – April

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
April 19, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Jim, Ken, Mickey & Rosebud
Absent: Ron is in Africa without internet at this time, Chris is unavailable. Both excused.
Guests: Ted Kuwada



1.) Reviewed Draggin Wagon Meeting from Saturday and our action items going forward

2.) Inventory will be done soon.

3.) Lanyards and pass holders to be ordered soon – Leadtime is not an issue.

4.) Flags will be ordered after Inventory – Leadtime is not an issue.

5.) Post Moto-GP stuff on other websites? Not at this time – Not needed.

6.) Update on Applications – 140 now

7.) Morning Meeting Details. Jim will talk to Doug Smith about training and the morning meeting presentation..


Banquet - Deposit to be paid to the chef just two weeks prior to the race.


Corporation Status

1.) Jim met with Tax Accountant, Renee, and reviewed what they could.

2.) Rosebud to finish the paperwork and send onto the State of California. We are still well ahead of the deadline for filing our corporate tax forms due in May 2011.



1.) Balance $14,104.36 as of 4/18/2011. Includes all deposits from memberships.

2.) Mickey did $500 transfer into our account from Paypal tonight.



1.) Mickey will work on getting the Training Manual on PDF and available to download.

2.) Members beginning to do online testing. Mickey made adjustments based on some flagging changes in AMA. He got some great feedback from several members. Jan and Mickey working on Testing Certificate for all members who complete the testing.


Shelby - Mickey corresponded with Ron Cowen. Shelby is using USARM for primary positions and using local track workers as required by Thunderhill. Sears Point is the same scenario and has been for quite some time.


Round Table

1.) Lucky Graham lost his battle with Brain Cancer on April 18th. Bob Stegall lost his battle with cancer today. God Speed Gentlemen! And Thank you!

2.) Jan provided updates to the Board on our new club opportunity.

3.) Photog inquiry from a professional to be directed to Ted. Recommended by Doug Smith. Jan reminded all that Dorna must approve video of any kind at the track but this should be still photos only.

4.) Jan to email Jim and call Rosebud to coordinate a time for a meeting to discuss the taxes for 2010 to be submitted in May 2011.


Meeting Ended at 8:38 pm


Next Meeting - May 17, 2011