2011 – August

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Ken, Jim, Chris, Mickey, Rosebud
Absent: Ron - Africa (excused)
Guest – Ted Kuwada


Debrief from Moto-GP

1.) Track Set-up

a.) The signage guys were late so that put us late.

b.) We marked the cement walls so next year should be easier. Stencils with a T or an F to use next year.

c.) To set up the flags – Set up a pylon with the flag in the general location. Grab extra pylons.

d.) Setting up the Extra Hay Bales

e.) Remove the tires behind Turn 4 and at 8A and the tires at Turn 9 Ambulance Station

2.) Radios

a.) Radio Testing on Thursday

b.) Dorna repeaters were on the Penn Comm building and were affecting the entire race communications

c.) Repeaters were very close so that might be the problem

d.) Short 6 headsets

3.) Dragon Wagon

a.) Discussion about drivers

b.) Ensure every person has a whistle

4.) Social

a.) Find out when lunches are delivered. Delivered between 10:40 and 11:00 am – race traffic series

b.) Bo will give us more gaters and we will have two extra people

c.) Maybe some extra time at lunch

d.) Ice will be at Hospitality next year

e.) Tiara did a great job under trying circumstances

f.) Better electricity at Turn 11

5.) Medical

a.) Inspection went terrific – Red and Orange separated.

6.) Problem workers

a.) Various issues but minor

7.) Worker Injuries

a.) Get the incident forms from Ann on Thursday

b.) One worker injured during Track set-up and another on Saturday

8.) Need to send money for lunches to SCRAMP

9.) Ice Chests for Everyone

a.) Looking into those small portable ice chests. Discussion going forward.

10.) Vests

a.) No Autographs on the Vests

12.) Camping Area

a.) Need more camping space – Talked to Bill about other areas. Talk to Franklin about the archery range

b.) Genie Sumner – Picture of our camping area. – Contact her to get a picture

11.) Make sure the PA is in the trailer before the weekend.

12.) Reminder each morning – Grab some bottled water


USARM Stationery

1.) New membership cards, letterhead, etc.



1.) $19,063.88 Balance at this time. Some Moto-GP monies still due to be paid.

2.) $4.25 made in interest

3.) All checks have cleared


Board Elections

1.) Elections are coming up. Who is running? Ron, Rosebud, Chris and Jim are up for re-election.


Round Table

1.) Ron tried to call in but the delay was too significant from Africa.


Next Meeting - September 20, 2011