2011 – February

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Ken, Jim, Mickey, Ron, Chris & Rosebud
Guest – Ted Kuwada

Financials – $13,286.03 Balance – Motion to accept - MSP

Accountant – No return phone calls yet

Checking on status of the final financial status – Alternate tax of $800 sent but not cleared yet.

Motion to cover cost of Quick Books class for Treasurer – MSP

Ron is sending Quick Books back to Rosebud and Corporate Letterhead will be sent to Jim.

PayPal balance moving to checking account tonight.


Corporation Status – Update on Corporate Status.



1.) Membership cards – Need to order new membership cards. We will order enough with old logo to finish 2011 since many have already been sent out. - MSP

2.) We will use up the old stationary for Moto-GP

3.) Ted will talk to Bo about Pit Lane personnel.

4.) Sandy will help with camping again and Jim offered as well.

5.) Jan, Rosebud, Mickey – 3 pm Saturday conference to discuss camping


Round Table

1.) Website updated with two President’s messages are up. Send articles to Mickey for Grid to go out in a week.

2.) Business Cards – Mickey will print up his own business cards as needed.

3.) Mickey will send out the logo to anyone who needs it or Business Cards.

4.) We will check on minimum ordering amounts for business cards.

5.) Rosebud will send Jim some letterhead and envelopes


Next Meeting - March 15, 2011