2011 – July

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2011


Attendees: Ken, Chris, Mickey, Jan, Jim, Rosebud
Absent: Ron - Afica (excused)


1) Moto-GP Jan and Mickey talked with Ted about MotoGP items.

A) Headcount Jan and Mickey confirmed with Ted that we are good.

B) Membership Refunds for cancellations? Discussion about cancellations and timing of cancellation.

C) Camping Mickey has been working on the Camping

D) Inventory Done only need coffee supplies, ear plugs, 1 bottle of Woolite and a couple of shovels

E) Flags update from Jan – Flags ordered and will be sent directly to Laguna for us to pick up.

F) Fire Bottles have been redone. Rosebud has bill. We have 108 fire bottles.

G) Medical Staffing

i) Medical Staffing Confirmed.

ii) Deb Bolton – a dream come true.

iii) Medical Meeting

iv) NMPs. Ann has 13 NMP's lined up. Have apps for 9. Waiting for 4 more apps.

v) Jan to review the issue with Deb about how the Safety Cars cannot leave the track.

H) Training

i) Set time for Training

ii) Dragon Wagon Training – Thursday Afternoon/Evening – Manual is ready to go.

iii) Need PA in Worker Camping Rosebud has it at his house. It is charged up ready to go.

I) E-Power Bikes - Sent info out with confirmation letter

I) Inventory

i) Inventory completed

ii) Flags to be ordered

a) 2 Ambulance Flags - White with Red Cross 80-100 Pantone Colors

b) 9 - Yellow

c) 2 - Green

d) 2 - Red

e) Send to Kenny's House.

iii) We have 6 extra complete sets of flags

J) Kevin Crowder Jan has talked to Kevin. He wants no changes from last year.

K) Dragon Wagon

i) Rotation discussed and documented

ii) Details will be discussed during training

iii) Ted to send a list of everyone who signed up for the Dragon Wagon. He will send to Jan and Mick Monday evening 7/11

iv) Thursday ride around - Jan to talk to Rob. Also need to ck with Bo to see if they need a chase truck for Riders for Health Tour Ride and ask Rob if he's willing to do it if needed.

L) Banquet

i) Status

ii) plates? Utensils? Napkins? Cups for chowder? Chef will provide all utensils and plates and napkins – everything needed

iii) Jan bringing propane tank for the USARM BBQ

iv) Jan bringing tins to put under the BBQ to capture drippings

v) Rosebud will bring grate for over the drain in the camping area.

vi) Jan to send list of signage to Rosebud for his review and then onto Bo. There are only a couple needed

M) Postal Canada is on Strike – Update: Strike was over June 27th. Found out on the 29th and mailed Canadian confirmation letters June 30th

N) Have some guest passes at registration.

2) Proficiency Testing

A) List of all who completed is being compiled for certificate distribution

3) Treasurer’s Report by Rosebud

A) Balance $15,609.00

B) Discussed charges for out of country checks and money orders.

C)Paypal Balance is approximately $750. Mickey will pull $500 deposit before the race.

4) Corporate Update Will discuss at next meeting.

Next Meeting August 16, 2011