2011 – June

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
June 21, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Jim, Ken, Chris, Mick and Rosebud
Absent: Ron - Afica (excused)
Guests: Ted Kuwada


1) Moto-GP

a) Workers

i) Discussed current count and outstanding applications.

ii) Emails sent to all who haven't sent in their camping information

iii) Emails and phone calls are being made to those who signed up for camping but who have not sent in their apps.

b) Medical Staffing

i) Medical Center will be staffed with SCRAMP Doctors and working on further staffing.

ii) NMPs will take a much more active medical standing this year.

iii) Due to the change - USARM will refund membership monies to NMPs due to their medical involvement from this year going forward.

c) Training

i) Doug Smith will do training again

ii) Dragon Wagon Training - Thursday Afternoon/Evening

d) E-Power Bikes

i) Ted to attend meeting

ii) Fire Suspension Blankets are part of required equipment. SCRAMP researching

e) Kevin Crowder - Jan to talk to Kevin

f) Dragon Wagon

i) Rotation discussed

ii) Details will be discussed during training

iii) Ted to send a list of everyone who signed up for the Draggin Wagon

iv) Thursday ride around - Jan to talk to Rob

g) Postal Canada is on Strike - Concerns about getting confirmations out to the workers

2) Treasurer's Report

a) Computer? New Email address for Rosebud

b) Jan to send map to Rosebud of camping area.

c) Balance in the Bank Account - $15,427.69

i) All checks have been mailed.

ii) Balance on payPal is $446.06 after $500 deposited to USARM last weekend.

iii) Ted has approximately $1,500.00 to give to Rosebud for deposit

iv) Deposit has been made to the Caterer. Menu will include his Award Winning Clam Chowder

3) Fires Extinguishers - redone

4) Corporate

a) All Taxes are paid

b) All our categories for expenses are now registered

c) Under $700 in merchandise sales over 2 years

d) Assets now total $48,308.00

5) Inventory

a) Inventory completed

b) Flags to be ordered

i) 2 Ambulance Flags - White with Red Cross 80-100 Pantone Colors

ii) 9 - Yellow

iii) 2 - Green

iv) 2 - Red

v) Send to Kenny's House.

c) We have 6 extra complete sets of flags

6) Proficiency Testing - List of all who completed is being compiled for certificate distribution

Next Meeting - July 12, 2011