2011 – November

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Ken, Mickey, Ron, Chris, Rosebud
Absent: Jim
Guest – Ted Kuwada


Financial Report

1.) Balance $17,025.02

2.) Attempted Credit Card fraud - Rosebud got a call from Sears in Brentwood, CA. Someone was trying to use our credit card to purchase 4 – Xbox units. Two smaller purchases done earlier in the day. Store declined the purchase. Rosebud went to the bank immediately and our card was shut off. New cards have been reissued. No financial impact to USARM.

3.) Need to send our monthly vendors new credit card information.

4.) Motion to send Chris a check for $100 to plant a tree in her brother’s memory. Purchase previously approved by the Board. Motion Carried

5.) Corporate books need to be audited by the end of December to have clean hand-off to next board. Chris to call Rosebud about the audit reminder.



1.) Rosebud and Jim are going to rerun.

2.) Chris will rerun.

3.) Ron will most likely go back to Africa so he will not rerun

4.) Discussion on going forward.

5.) Election to proceed with 3 running for 4 positions. Write ins and Corporate policy will ensure a proper election.



1.) AMA is running with Moto-GP again. Unsure about Moto2.

2.) Ted to check with Bo on contract

3.) Jan to check with Gil regarding previous discussion.


Letterhead, etc.

1.) Discussion about new letterhead

2.) Mickey to send the Board a “WORD” Template to be used.

3.) Envelopes to be ordered with USARM PO Box

4.) Membership cards with the new (old) logo


Next Meeting - December 20, 2011