2012 – September

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2012


Attendees: Jan, Ted, Jim, Mickey, Debra, Rosebud
Absent: Kenny (Approved - Proxy-Ted)


Meeting called to order 7:00 pm (Pacific time)



A.) Letter from Doug Smith
- Jim reached out to Doug about putting together a team to update our USARM Training Documents and document Moto-GP Specific Procedures and Processes including radio protocol.
- Doug is pulling together the key players from Race Control

B.) Discussed engaging the Turn Marshals to document Turn Specifics

C.) Discussion about turn assignments and rotation from year to year - pros and cons



A.) Date for Moto-GP set at July 21st weekend – one week earlier than last year.

B.) Ted will meet with track management to address the "LONG" list of concerns we had this past year.

Workers out very late with VIP Laps
Goodies for our workers not delivered until the end of the day on Sunday
USARM Office provided was tiny and did not allow us to do any prep work so we were delayed getting everything done
Attitude of the Track personnel we had to interface with to try to get issues resolved


World SuperBike

A.) New event added to the Calendar in September 2013