2013 – March

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2013


Attendees: Jan, Deb, Doug, Ted, Kenny, Mark, Jim
Absent: Rosebud



Balance - $15,050.36 - all bills paid and up to date

Corporation - 2 online forms to be submitted by May 30, 2013

Tax update - in process



Letter sent out to specific personnel regarding issues - completed and sent.



Applications - 50 or 60 received so far. Deadline is May 17th

Contract - Ted will meet with Bo. No change, adding the Generator.

Equipment - Inventory - TBD

Whistles - Order a few more than last year due to two races.

Clipboards - discussed

Lanyards - discussed

Banquet - Awaiting update from Caterer on 2 dinners – one at each

Jan - Awaiting discussion with Bill regarding events

Website - Jan to meet with Mark. We have Board Meeting minutes to add to the website and info for the Grid.


Communications Committee

Doug, Bev and Mark Curtsinger met and finalized the Radio Communications Protocol.

They also developed a 4 page Checklist for the Turn Marshals.

Doug will send all this information to all the TMs from last year and to get input from them to incorporate into the documentation.

Doug to meet with Mark to update the Training documentation on our website.

List of all the members signed up for the race. Mark will add that to the website.


Round Table

Doug looking at a way to get the TMs priority to go out to the turns.

Mark to add Doug's email to the Webpage.

Mark - Need the Board Meeting Minutes and Grid info. Jan to schedule time with Mark and send info.

Ted - Corporation Paperwork just received to be signed by Jim Short and mailed before the end of May 2013.

All - Discussion about ensuring Workers to check in with TMs if they are able to take a session off to give someone a break. If you are not in an active station then check in and rotate them so someone can take a break today or someone different tomorrow. TMs to work on schedule to ensure personnel have time to take breaks.


Next Meeting - April 16th, 2013